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The UMP project for France

The UMP project for 2007 is based on 5 essential values:

  • Work and merit: because it is necessary to reward all those who work hard.
  • Security and respect: because security is the necessary condition for liberty, and respect is the pillar of our society.
  • Justice and equity: because we must help each and everyone to make the most of their talents and merits.
  • Personal responsibility and accountability: because there are no rights without duties, and because fraud and abuse threaten our welfare system.
  • Trust: because our country is suffocating under the weight of excessively complex regulations and structures, and mutual suspicion.

In order to implement this project, we make the 10 following pledges:

1. To boost the work ethic and people’s purchasing power. Work is absolutely essential to the dignity and happiness of everyone, to the security of every family and to the prosperity of the country.

For example we will:

  • make all overtime work pay completely tax-free.
  • allow those who wish to work more in order to earn more, whether in the private or public sectors, to do so.
  • guarantee by law that the people who work earn more than those who live on welfare benefits.

2. To build a society based on respect and equal opportunity for all. Because it is necessary to combine severity towards delinquents with respect for and protection of the victims or of the innocents, while giving everyone equal education and employment opportunities.

For example we will:

  • reform the penal code for minors by creating harsher sentences for young repeat offenders and by disbanding the gangs who impose their “law” in certain neighbourhoods throughout the country.
  • launch an emergency plan to help the schools situated in underprivileged districts, and set up boarding schools for pupils from poorer backgrounds who want to work and study in better conditions.
  • enforce secularism in public services, especially schools and hospitals.

3. To help teachers become more efficient and raise school standards and ambitions. Because we want all pupils to be able to climb the ladder of success.

For example we will:

  • provide remedial classes to all the pupils who need or request them.
  • pay teachers to teach these remedial classes on top of their regular salaries.
  • allow schools to become more autonomous by encouraging them to develop educational projects of their choice and offer extra-curricular activities in sports, culture, arts and crafts, and allow parents to choose the school which they think can best meet the needs of their children.

4. To win the world battle for intelligence. Because a healthy society and economy require knowledge and innovation, higher and further education, research and vocational training will become our strategic goals.

For example we will:

  • encourage more motivated and ambitious young people to go into higher education, leading to good jobs through more scholarships and better conditions.
  • offer real autonomy to the universities which ask for it, in order to enable them to become more competitive on the world stage of higher education and research.
  • give a second chance to all those who wish to change jobs or sectors of activity, by allowing them to go back to school or university, or acquire new or higher skills.
  • raise the budget for research and development to 3% of the GNP by 2012.

5. To have a more efficient, people-oriented and less costly government and administration. Because many citizens feel dissatisfied with today’s political and administrative institutions, we will improve them.

For example, we will:

  • launch a system of popular initiatives allowing 10 % of the French electorate to submit an initiative to the Parliament or to request the organization of a referendum, should they want to repeal a law.
  • maintain public services to meet the needs of the population all over the territory.
  • guarantee that public services are open at convenient times, and ensure by law that minimum service is provided in the case of labour strikes.
  • ensure that public services fulfil people’s rights, such as the right to child-care facilities for families, or the right of all disabled children to go to a school in their district.
  • make voting by secret ballot compulsory instead of by show of hands in the case of strikes that go on for more than a week.
  • guarantee complete equality between men and women in the economic and political sectors.

6. To launch an environmental revolution. Because we want to solve France’s environmental problems in one generation (two for the reduction of “greenhouse effect gases”), we will take drastic measures within five years.

For example we will:

  • create a strategic advisory committee and a ministry for sustainable development to fight global warming, which will be in charge of transport, the environment, equipment and the prevention of industrial risks.
  • demand that our partner countries (China and the USA in particuler) launch programmes to reduce greenhouse effect gases.
  • launch a scheme for training experts and people in all sectors to become aware of these issues.
  • boost the development of clean transport (rail-freight, “piggy-back” traffic, canals and rivers, and better, safer use of cargo ships and oil tankers).
  • reform taxation to encourage people to consume or buy cleaner fuels and machines, and reduce waste.
  • encourage farmers to be environmentally-minded (pesticides, organic farming, GM produce).

7. To ensure security, liberty, and better living conditions for all households. Each family should be free to organize themselves as they wish, their members should be encouraged to combine professional and family lives if they wish. People’s property should be protected.

For example we will:

  • encourage people, young and old, to do volunteer work and donate free time to charitable organizations.
  • make young people aged 16 to 18, accountable for their actions, and give them a pre-majority status.
  • provide help to the families that are experiencing difficulties, especially single parents.
  • develop child-care facilities.
  • reform the judicial system to make it more effective.
  • give certain legal and financial rights to homosexual couples.

8. To preserve our welfare system through a policy of justice and responsibility. Because it is necessary both to protect vulnerable people and to stop fraud and abuses.

For example we will:

  • fight against abuses and fraud which threaten our social services, by reinforcing controls.
  • put an end to the disruptions caused in hospitals by the 35-hour work week.
  • refund at fair value both dental work expenses and spectacles, to put an end to inequalities in health care.

9. To revive the Europe that we love, a Europe which brings together the different European nations while respecting their frontiers and identities, ensuring growth and employment, and combating unfair competition.

For example we will:

  • reorient the negotiations with Turkey concerning its entry into the E.U and offer this country the status of “Strategic Partner”.
  • focus European action toward setting forth realistic policies and taking common decisions regarding immigration (which must be controlled), energy, environmental issues, scientific research, food production and security.
  • help every young student to go and study for at least six months in another EU country.

10. To get France to play a prominent role in the world and the global economy. Rather than rejecting globalisation, we should adapt France to today’s global challenges in order to protect those who are affected by it, and not just people but also the environment and cultural diversity, and enable our country to act at an international level.

We will therefore:

  • suggest new ways to help wage-earners whose jobs are threatened by relocations overseas.
  • find realistic alternatives for them in the areas where they work through industrial policies based on innovation.
  • face the challenges of migratory flows and enforce annual immigration quotas, depending on our ability to take immigrants in.


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